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Creating Server-Side Excel Workbooks

by Jason Sauer

In this course we will discuss the desire, and in many cases the need, that many users have for receiving data from your applications in Excel format. We will talk about a few of the traditional methods used to deliver Excel data and introduce some newer methods that make this process not only easier, but more powerful and flexible as well.

What you'll learn

Developers often need to be able to provide data from their web applications in Excel format for users to interact with. This course introduces .NET developers to the EPPlus library, a package available on CodePlex that encapsulates the functionality of Office Open XML in a way that makes creating Excel workbooks on the server very simple.

About the author

Jason Sauer is the founder of Bam! Pow! Software Solutions, LLC. He worked for over 20 years at Johnson Investment Counsel, Inc. as a software developer and manager, prior to founding Bam! Pow! in 2014. Jason founded Bam! Pow! with a focus on database and website development and the goal of helping people at all levels of an organization make a deep and lasting impact on their clients and community.

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