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Creating Widgets Using Functions in Sisense

by Vitthal Srinivasan

This course will teach you how data analysis can be carried out even at the widget level - not just from within the data models - in Sisense leveraging widget formulas and functions.

What you'll learn

We will often need to modify or aggregate data when presenting them in Sisense widgets. In this course, Creating Widgets Using Functions in Sisense, you’ll learn to build widgets and dashboards created from raw data that has been transformed in some manner using formulas. First, you’ll explore how to build widgets from the data in an ElastiCube, without any operations performed at the widget level. Next, you’ll discover the use of formulas in widgets in order to perform calculations and aggregations on the underlying data and then visualize them. Finally, you’ll learn how to apply complex formulas on widgets in order to extract very specific information. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Sisense widgets and formulas needed to build rich visuals which operate on the underlying data to present information that is meaningful and relevant to end-users.

About the author

Vitthal has spent a lot of his life studying - he holds Masters Degrees in Math and Electrical Engineering from Stanford, an MBA from INSEAD, and a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai. He has also spent a lot of his life working - as a derivatives quant at Credit Suisse in New York, then as a quant trader, first with a hedge fund in Greenwich and then on his own, and finally at Google in Singapore and Flipkart in Bangalore. In all these roles, he has written a lot of code, and b... more

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