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Effective C# Unit Testing for Enterprise Applications

by Rusty Divine

This course will help you gain a better understanding of unit testing with good patterns to follow and an understanding of patterns to avoid. You'll see how to avoid patterns that lead to brittle tests that impede refactoring your code.

What you'll learn

Creating effective C# unit tests for enterprise applications requires thoughtful consideration so that your test suite doesn't become burdensome from being rote, brittle, and untrustworthy. In this course, Effective C# Unit Testing for Enterprise Applications, you'll learn techniques to create unit tests that are readable, risk-driven, and resilient to refactoring. You'll learn how to create maintainable unit tests by examining three pillars of effective unit tests. First, unit tests need to be clear and simple and emphasize readability. Second, unit tests should provide the highest value by focusing on validating your most important and complicated code. Lastly, you're test must stay flexible by knowing as few details about your production code as possible. By the end of this course, you'll see a new perspective on unit testing that emphasizes thoughtful unit testing.

About the author

Rusty Divine is a technical lead who cultivates a fun and friendly environment for his agile team where it is safe to make mistakes and continually learn. Rusty specializes in .Net web applications for businesses and enjoys working with customers and stakeholders, coaching developers, and helping manage projects. Rusty has a scientist's training and curiosity with a degree in Geology that took him to Antarctica to study climate change for a season. Rusty also enjoys cooking and one day will crea... more

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