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CSS Animation with Transition and Transform

by Sandy Ludosky

This course will show developers and designers how to add interactivity to a web page with the CSS transition and transform properties. The course includes extensive demonstrations from simple to complex, which aide us as we learn to create great visual effects.

What you'll learn

In CSS Animation with Transition and Transform, you will learn to bring life to your web page and create a great user experience with only the use of CSS.

About the author

Sandy is a passionate and experienced interface designer, developer and digital entrepreneur hailing from Toronto, in Ontario, Canada. She specializes in front-end development with HTML, CSS, CSS3 Animation, Javascript, JQuery, Sass, and Less. Sandy builds custom web pages and enjoys providing design solutions to a wide-array of customers. She thrives on creating interactive, engaging, and user-friendly digital experiences with a keen interest in search engine optimization, web marketing, and an... more

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