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Creating Layouts with CSS Grid

by Matt Henry

Coding web layouts has never been easy until now. This course will teach you CSS Grid, a technology to define rational layouts for your websites that is finally ready to go mainstream.

What you'll learn

Layouts in CSS have always depended on hacks. Getting the look you want has meant pushing CSS to its limits using floats, HTML, and positioning tricks in unconventional ways. In this course, Creating Layouts with CSS Grid, you’ll learn how to use the brand new CSS Grid system to solve layout problems once and for all. First, you’ll discover why CSS Grid is a better way to do layout. Next, you’ll get up and running with the minimum necessary code to start using CSS Grid. Finally, you’ll explore the CSS Grid specification thoroughly, learning how to create any layout you can dream of. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of this critical technology needed to create modern, robust, and responsive layouts for the web.

About the author

Matt makes products that help people learn. Through a career spanning film, video, design, development, product management, and course authoring Matt is a passionate elearning professional. Since he began working in technology during middle school, Matt's career has spanned film, video, design, development, product management, and course authoring. He is currently the Vice President of Product at Innovative Language Learning, building a learner-centered platform for students to reach their langu... more

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