Cultivating Communication Excellence

by Jo Harder

This course will teach you how to polish your communications style and improve interactions with workmates and management as part of your everyday workplace collaboration—written, telephone, projects, and meetings.

What you'll learn

Communication excellence is an attribute of highly effective people, and that entails far more than just having great speaking skills. In this course, Cultivating Communication Excellence, you’ll learn to how to transition from bland communications to productive, robust interactions with workmates and management. First, you’ll explore core components of communications. Next, you’ll delve into key items that will help you develop more effective communications. Finally, you’ll learn how to ensure that you are truly listening and understanding your workmates. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to enhance your professional development by cultivating communication excellence.

About the author

Jo Harder is a self-professed nerd and has been involved with virtualization and secure remote access technologies for over 20 years. After holding several sales and marketing roles, she started her technical career at Citrix in 1999, where she became a Senior Architect. Her 11-year tenure included a combination of Citrix Consulting and Technical Readiness positions. Post Citrix, Jo has taken on roles focused on consulting services and hosting provider services, as well as technical marketing in... more

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