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Customizing R Environments

by Emilee McWilliams

In this course, learn how R is different from other data tools. We’ll discover R's framework and import packages to make an impact on projects. Through this course we’ll use R, a popular statistical computing language. Some knowledge of R will help.

What you'll learn

Understanding the differences in data analysis tools can be confusing. In this course, Customizing R Environments, you will gain the ability to understand the R framework, learn how to customize an environment, and finally discover the best data tool to suit your goals. First, you will learn how to use a function to identify environments. Next, you will discover how library packages are accessible to R. Finally, you will explore a powerful package within R. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to see how R is different from other data analysis tools.

About the author

Emilee has an M.S. in Business Statistics from Mercer University and currently works as a Data Scientist. She has worked with data for 5+ years, spending the majority of her time in finance. She created marketing solutions at an investment management firm, consulted with lenders on risk models at a credit bureau, and currently works in consumer banking. Through her love of data, she has always had a passion for teaching. Prior to grad school, she worked as a teacher and enjoys simplifying comple... more

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