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Customizing Salesforce with Lightning Aura Components

by Sara Morgan Nettles

This course will teach you how to customize Lightning Experience and mobile Salesforce using the Aura Lightning Component Framework.

What you'll learn

The Aura Lightning Component Framework includes all the tools and technologies needed to build fast and efficient components for any device. In this getting started course, Customizing Salesforce with Lightning Aura Components, you’ll learn how you can easily customize Salesforce with the well-established Aura Lightning Component Framework. First, you’ll discover how to install and use the latest modern developer tools provided with Salesforce DX. Next, you’ll explore how to create Aura Components using the handy Lightning Base Components. Finally, you'll learn how to expose them to the Lightning Experience as well as Salesforce mobile. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to customize your own Salesforce org with the Aura Component Framework.

About the author

Sara Morgan Nettles is a Certified Salesforce Platform II developer, who began her software development career twenty years ago working primarily with Microsoft technologies. She now focuses on sharing her knowledge of developing modern web applications on the Salesforce platform. She has authored numerous books and articles, as well as being a regular speaker at Dreamforce.

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