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Cyber Security While Traveling

by Jordan Scott

If you're someone who travels frequently and uses their laptop or mobile phone, this course is for you. You'll explore different security considerations that everyone should be aware of when connect to anything outside the home network.

What you'll learn

Have you ever found yourself on the road connecting to a public access point? If you have, you might have put yourself at risk from a security standpoint. In this course, Cyber Security While Traveling, you'll learn about situations where you're at risk and how to keep your information and electronics secure. First, you'll learn about the important "Travel Triangle of Security." Then, you'll explore different wireless and wired situations as well as the concerns that might come from them. Finally, this course will cover threats and countermeasures with a demonstration on how to best protect yourself. By the end of this course, you'll be able to apply what you've learned about cyber security to keep your data secure, whether in the airport, on the train, or across the globe.

About the author

Mr. Jordan "Cancer" Scott has been a warfighter or supported warfighters for over a decade. As one of the first operational Army Electronic Warfare Officers since the Cold War, he has some gained some very unique experience. He has a Master of Science in Computer Engineering, is an open source/collaboration proponent, technology integrator, and proven innovator. His career has gained him additional experience in Global Positioning System, Missile Defense, Software Development, System of Systems ... more

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