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May 6, 2020
2h 9m

Have you had difficulty writing solid end-to-end tests for your web applications? Are the tests slow, hard to setup, and flaky?

Cypress is a fast, reliable and easy to use end-to-end testing framework for anything that runs on the browser. It is agnostic of the framework that you use and is written entirely in JavaScript.

In this course, Cypress: End-to-end JavaScript Testing, you will first learn about what Cypress is, its features, how it is different, and its tradeoffs.

  • First, you will setup and get ready to write Cypress tests for our demo web application.
  • Next, you will explore the core concepts of Cypress, and use them to write your tests.
  • Finally, you will explore the Cypress ecosystem and tools that are available.
When you are finished with this course, you will be all set to write complete end-to-end tests for your web applications using Cypress.
Course FAQ
Course FAQ
What is Cypress?

Cypress is a fast and reliable end-to-end testing framework, written entirely in JavaScript. The Cypress testing framework can be used for anything that runs on the browser.

What will I learn in this Cypress testing course?

This course will give you a clear understanding of Cypress and what it is, commands, aliases, assertions and other core concepts and finally, the Cypress ecosystem and tools that are available.

Are there prerequisites to this course?

It is encouraged that you are familiar with JavaScript before taking this course. Learn more about JavaScript with our online courses found here:

Who is this Cypress course for?

This course is for anyone wanting to explore the features, core concepts and ecosystem of the Cypress testing framework.

About the author
About the author

Adhithi Ravichandran is a Software Consultant based in Kansas City. She is passionate about Software Engineering, Teaching, Healthcare and Music. She currently specializes on building React Native and React apps. Adhithi is a regular conference speaker and talks on varied tech and human skills topics.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Course Overview
[Autogenerated] Hi, everyone. My name is are the therapy Children and welcome to my course Cyprus. End to end JavaScript testing. I'm a software consultant, author, speaker and blogger. You can follow me on Twitter at other therapy or visit my website at the theater of the Children dot com to keep in touch and learn more about me. Are you looking to test your web application just like a real user would, with automated end to and test Cyprus is a fast, easy and reliable and to and testing framework that contest anything that runs on a browser. In this course, we're going to learn about end to end, testing our web applications using Cyprus some off The major topics that will cover include what is Cyprus and how it is different. Set up right and run. Cyprus tests Cyprus core concepts like commands, assertions, aliases and more Cyprus ecosystem and tooling to learn topics like code coverage, screenshots, videos and more. By the end of this course, you'll be able to write complete Cyprus and to and test for your web applications before beginning the course. You should be familiar with JavaScript because Cyprus tests are written entirely in JavaScript. I hope you'll join me on this journey to learn end to end, testing your web applications with the Cyprus and two and testing JavaScript course at Pluralsight I can.