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Data Analysis (C|TIA Prep)

by Phil Chapman

This course will teach you the basics of data analysis needed for the C|TIA Exam

What you'll learn

Do you need help preparing for the EC Council Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst exam? In this course, Data Analysis (C|TIA Prep) you’ll learn to analyze collected data and look at the concepts of data and threat analysis to enhance your threat intelligence. First, you’ll explore the concepts of data analysis techniques and processes. Next, you’ll discover how to fine tune and illustrate using threat modelling. Finally, you’ll learn how to evaluate and apply different tools for threat intelligence analysis. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of data analysis needed for the C|TIA Exam.

About the author

Phil Chapman is a senior instructor. He is responsible for the delivery of a range of courses including official Microsoft, CompTIA, EC Council and BCS official certifications. He is also the subject matter expert and project lead for the bespoke Law Enforcement Cyber Security training packages which are delivered to UK Law Enforcement agencies and forces. He holds a variety of IT Technical and Security qualifications across many fields. Phil spent 23 years in the Royal Air Force as an Intellige... more

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