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Data Literacy Essentials: Decision Intelligence

by Kevin Hanegan

Decision intelligence is the ability to make organizational decisions at scale. This course will teach you how to identify situations and decisions that would benefit from decision intelligence solutions.

What you'll learn

Many people have heard the term "decision intelligence", but very few understand what it is and how it can be used to increase the effectiveness of your organizational decisions. In this course, Data Literacy Essentials: Decision Intelligence, you’ll learn the role of decision intelligence in augmented analytics.

First, you’ll explore the types of decision intelligence solutions that exist. Next, you’ll discover the components that make up a decision intelligence solution. Finally, you’ll learn how to integrate decision intelligence into your current technology stack. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of decision intelligence needed to identify situations and decisions that would benefit from decision intelligence.

About the author

Kevin is currently the Chief Learning Officer at Qlik, a data and analytics company. He is also the chair of the advisory board for The Data Literacy Project and author of multiple books, including Turning Data Into Wisdom: How We Can Collaborate with Data to Change Ourselves, Our Organizations, and Even the World. Kevin brings his wealth of knowledge on topics of data literacy, data-informed decision-making, and essential skills for today’s worker to the many conferences and seminars he has spo... more

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