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The Data Sessions: ChatGPT Roundtable Discussion with Pluralsight Experts

by Pluralsight Skills

Follow along with industry experts as they explore generative AI's transformative power, its creative potential, and the ethics behind its application. Equip yourself with knowledge for the AI era.

What you'll learn

Finding it challenging to navigate the intricacies of generative AI's transformative power and ethical considerations? In this data session, you’ll gain insights into effectively leveraging AI tools while comprehending their ethical implications. First, you’ll listen to experts discuss the transformative impact of generative AI tools, like chatGPT, on research methodologies. Next, you’ll delve into the creative potential of generative AI, covering everything from image generation to music and code. Lastly, you’ll hear about the importance of data security in generative AI and the need for transparency in its application. By the end of this session, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge of generative AI required to harness its potential while being cognizant of its ethical dimensions.

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ChatGPT Roundtable Discussion with Pluralsight Experts

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