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The Data Sessions: Prompt Engineering for Creatives

by Dan Anderegg

Creative work can be kick-started with the help of generative AI products and services. Learning to think of these services as new collaborators in your creative work will unleash new possibilities and better outcomes for you.

What you'll learn

As a person in a creative career, it might feel a little threatening to have so many generative AI products that can seemingly create almost on their own, but you are more indispensable now than ever before. Generative AI still relies on you, as the human element in the process, to prompt, edit, refine, and polish the responses you receive from chatbots and services. Without your input the responses remain mere data, but you can turn it into art. Learn how to leverage these tools to kick-start your creative work, save time, and produce better results.

Table of contents

The Data Sessions: Prompt Engineering for Creatives

About the author

Dan Anderegg is currently the Sr. Director of Digital Transformation and Data Skills at Pluralsight, and is continually learning and growing as a Data Scientist.

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