Data Transactions with Spring

by Kesha Williams

Spring Transaction Management is one of the most important features of the Spring Framework. This course will teach you how to implement both declarative and programmatic topics like @Transactional, transaction propagation, and rollbacks.

What you'll learn

Spring Transaction Management is one of the most widely used and important features of the Spring Framework. In this course, Data Transactions with Spring, you will learn about the extensive support provided for managing transactions, which allows developers to focus on the business logic instead of worrying about the integrity of data in the event of a system failure. First, you will explore the key properties of transactions, and how to implement declarative transaction management, including rollbacks and using annotations. Next, you'll discover how to propagate transactions, how to leverage programmatic transaction management in your applications, and when to choose declarative transaction management over programmatic. Finally, you’ll learn about the different transaction managers (JDBC, Hibernate, JPA, JDO, and JTA) and how to implement them in your applications. When you’re finished with this course, you will have mastered Spring Transaction Management, which will help as you introduce transactional behavior to your applications.

Software required: Git, Java JDK, Apache Maven, and Java IDE.

About the author

Kesha Williams is an award-winning software engineer with over 20 years' experience specializing in full0stack web development using Java, Spring, Angular and Amazon Web Services (AWS). She routinely leads innovation teams in researching emerging technologies and speaks about her learnings at technical conferences across the globe. She has taught thousands of software developers in the US, Europe and Asia while teaching at the university level. In her spare time, she leads the Georgia chapte... more

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