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Debugging Chronicles I

by Mario Hewardt

Join me in Debugging Chronicles I, where I take a look at a plethora of common .NET bugs that can wreak havoc in your solutions. We'll investigate Windows Services as well as a range of problems (crashing, memory and performance related) in a problematic library system that utilizes WCF running under IIS.

What you'll learn

The Debugging Chronicles I course showcases a debugging process closely related to that of Detective work. I'll show how you can follow the detective process in order to tackle the toughest of bugs. The case studies range from problematic Windows Services to a complete library system build around WCF and hosted in IIS. Furthermore the library system uses other .NET frameworks (such as EF and ADO.NET) to increase the complexity. Each of the Crime Scenes will tackle a particular bug by utilizing the debugging detective process as well showing the complete analysis of how to arrive at root cause (using a plethora of super useful tools including the native debuggers).

About the author

Mario Hewardt is the author of Advanced Windows Debugging and Advanced .NET Debugging. With over 13 years at Microsoft, he has worked with the development of Windows starting from Windows 98 up to Windows Vista. With the advent of cloud computing, Mario has worked in the SaaS arena and delivered the Asset Inventory Service as well as leading a team of developers building the core platform for the next generation Microsoft online management service – Windows Intune. Most recently, Mario works as... more

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