Dealing with a New Company Culture

by Doru Catana

Organizational culture is a core component to the career of all tech professional. This course will help you deal with everything culture related from effective communication, tracking performance, dealing with new technologies, etc.

What you'll learn

While technical and job specific skills are a must to the success of any professional, dealing with your company culture is an integral path to your career. You can’t ignore it and expect rapid ascension through the ranks or a healthy work environment. In this course, Dealing with a New Company Culture, you'll learn how to effectively deal with things like communication and team dynamics plus much more. First, you'll explore how to raise trust and mutual understanding levels. Next, you'll discover what links the social side of things to the technical one, helping you see how culture, performance, and technology fit in the big picture. Finally, you'll learn why misalignment between mission and technology leads to poor results, how to identify KPIs to not only deliver great work but make sure it’s being tracked correctly. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills that ultimately allow you to navigate through projects and goals frictionless, and not only get things done, but have a sense of personal accomplishment because what you get done has purpose and meaning.

About the author

Doru founded and runs a marketing agency with global clients in a wide range of industries. His focus is on campaigns that convert and get new business through the door, not feel good campaigns. In terms of approach he believes in authentic and blunt advertising without the presence of small print.

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