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Debugging Windows PowerShell in VS Code

by Josh Duffney

Proficient debugging skills is what separates great developers from good developers. This course teaches you the skills required to become proficient in debugging, allowing you to take that next step towards greatness.

What you'll learn

Many people do not take the time required to become proficient at debugging. They believe it's not worth the time investment. What they don't realize is that mastering debugging actually saves them a lot more time than they would put in. In this course, Debugging Windows PowerShell in VS Code, you'll learn the mental process behind debugging. First, you'll learn how to debug with Visual Studio Code. Next you'll be introduced to Pester, a testing framework for PowerShell. Finally, you'll discover how to take advantage of the advanced debugging features in Visual Studio Code such as watches, call stacks, and conditional breakpoints. After you've finished the course, you'll have the knowledge required to be a proficient debugger of PowerShell code.

About the author

Josh Duffney is a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, where he works on the cloud-native team. He is a former Microsoft MVP and ex-SRE at Stack Overflow. Josh has a strong focus on Golang, building DevOps tools, and securing software. As a Pluralsight author, Josh shares his expertise in these areas, helping others develop their skills and achieve their goals.

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