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Debugging Progressive Web Apps

by Deeksha Sharma

Learn to unleash the power of modern browser tools, techniques, and strategies to debug a progressive web application.

What you'll learn

Learn about the tools and techniques to debugging a progressive web application. In this course, Debugging Progressive Web Apps, you will gain the ability to debug, inspect, and fix issues in offline first apps. First, you will explore built-in audit tools to inspect PWA in the browser. Next, you will discover how to intercept and add to home screen using both local and production servers and how to trigger automatic browser promotion. Finally, you will debug and implement cache first strategy as well as, uncover and test service worker issues on installed PWA. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of debugging strategies needed to develop, test, and ship progressive web apps that your end users love to use.

About the author

Deeksha is an independent software developer. She worked with a number of technology companies across 4 countries including India, United States, Canada and New Zealand. She has high attention to detail which has helped her add value in business domains such as Education, Banking, Finance and Open Source Licensing. She is a creator of which is personal finance application to track, manage and analyse expenses. Her all time favourite tech stack includes Java, Node.js, API Security... more

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