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Debugging, Testing, and Publishing a Flutter 2 App

by Majid Hajian

This course teaches you how to debug and handle errors in Flutter and Dart correctly, capture them to a reporting system, write unit and integration tests to ensure your app's quality, and deploy your Flutter app to Android, iOS, and the web quickly.

What you'll learn

Debugging and error handling are a big part of the development process. In this course, Debugging, Testing, and Publishing a Flutter 2 App, you'll learn to debug code and layout issues, handle errors, and deploy your own Flutter app. First, you'll explore DevTools and different possibilities to debug code, spot layout issues, and resolve them efficiently. Next, you'll discover errors for both Flutter and Dart and report them properly to a reporting system. Then, you'll learn how to mock dependencies, and write unit and integration tests to ensure your code and app quality. Finally, you'll delve into deploying your Android app to Google Play, iOS App Store, and a web application. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of debugging, testing, and publishing your Flutter app needed to deliver the highest quality to the end-user.

About the author

Majid is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Flutter and Dart and a passionate software developer with years of developing and architecting complex web and mobile applications. His passions are generally Flutter, PWA, and performance. He is an award-winning book author at Apress. He is a community leader and loves sharing his knowledge with the community by writing, speaking, teaching, contributing to open source, and organizing tech events. He is also the organizer of several big Nordic confere... more

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