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Using Deductive Reasoning in Decision Making

by Andrew McSwiggan

In this course, we'll explore the language of logic and deductive reasoning. Completing this course will grant you the knowledge needed to make better decisions.

What you'll learn

As a professional, you are often called upon to make decisions. Have you ever wanted to improve your reasoning and logic skills in order to get closer to the truth and make more informed decisions? In this course, Using Deductive Reasoning in Decision Making, you will learn the basics of the ancient art of deductive reasoning. First, you will learn the structure of reasoning arguments know as syllogisms. Next, you will discover the different forms and types of syllogism. Finally, you will explore different situations and examples and what you need to consider to make better decisions. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to use facts to construct better arguments.

About the author

Passionate about Business Intelligence and delivering knowledge and insight to support better decisions. An advocate of Self-Service Reporting and Analytics and a Data Visualisation evangelist. Andi has delivered face to face Business Intelligence training to many industries, covering topics such as Report Design, Semantic Layer, Dimensional modeling and Data Visualisation. Andi has led many Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence development projects and is well versed in taking complex an... more

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