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Deep Learning Application for Marketing

by Netta Tzin

This course will teach you how Deep learning is integrated into the daily practices of digital marketing, in order to improve digital marketing practices in the data driven era, and maintain better connections with existing and potential users.

What you'll learn

This Path is designed to have learners experience how Deep learning is integrated into our day to day lives. The Learning outcome for this course is to review case studies related to Deep Learning application for Marketing. The course will cover approaches and algorithms that are effective in simplifying processes for Marketing. Business case study examples provided are indicative.

About the author

Netta is a Product and Growth expert, who’s been utilizing her talents as a Product Manager in insure-tech and music-tech fields, as well as a Product consultant for various organizations. Her background combines both academic degrees in Industrial Engineering (Bsc.) and in International Management (Msc.), along with work experience of over 10 years in strategizing, structuring, and executing projects and products, both in startups and corporations. In the past few years, Netta has focused on le... more

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