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Defining a North Star for Agile Transformation: Executive Briefing

by Matthew Pizzi

This course will cover what an organizational North Star is and how you define one.

What you'll learn

In the world of business, team members rely on senior leaders to illustrate a vision, or better, a North Star of the organization. In this course, Defining a North Star for Agile Transformation: Executive Briefing, you’ll learn about defining a mission, vision, and values for your organization.. First, you’ll explore what a North Star is. Next, you’ll discover why it's important to have an organizational north star . Finally, you’ll learn how to define a North Star. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a better understanding as to why a North Star is important and what you should consider when defining mission, vision, and values for your organization.

About the author

Matthew Pizzi is currently the Director of Product, Academy at Contentstack, where he spearheads the development of learning experiences that enhances how customers engage with Contentstack’s industry-leading composable CMS. His expertise in ed-tech leadership started by founding Train Simple, a leader in education for Adobe products and web technologies. Following the acquisition of Train Simple by Pluralsight in 2016, Matt played a pivotal role in overseeing key domains to further skills devel... more

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