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Deno 1: Getting Started

by Brice Wilson

Deno is a modern and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. This course will teach you the fundamentals of working with Deno, how it compares to similar runtimes, and how to build applications that take advantage of its many built-in features.

What you'll learn

JavaScript, TypeScript, security practices, and package management tools have evolved significantly in recent years. Deno is a secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that takes advantage of these modern techniques to deliver a capable and secure environment for your scripts and server-side web applications. In this course, Deno: Getting Started, you'll learn the fundamentals of working with the runtime and how to get started building web applications with modern tools and techniques. First, you'll explore why Deno was created and the problems it solves. Next, you'll discover how to use its runtime API, standard library, and third-party modules to build modern web applications with TypeScript. Finally, you'll learn how to take advantage of its built-in tooling to run unit tests, debug your programs, and package your code into executable scripts. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of Deno needed to get started building your own applications with this modern and secure tool.

About the author

Brice Wilson has been a professional developer for over 30 years and has used many tools and programming languages during that time. He has worked as a developer and architect for a number of large companies and enjoys learning, experimenting with, and teaching new technologies. His current interests are centered on server and client-side web development.

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