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Deploying Code with AWS CodeDeploy

by Joshua Edwards

This course will teach you how to deploy code to servers, Lambda, and the ECS Service using AWS CodeDeploy. You will cover access and permissions, deployment configurations, tagging, monitoring, and managing the CodeDeploy Agent on the server.

What you'll learn

Previously, hosting a web application would mean updating the code manually on the server or managing a system which will automate this. With AWS CodeDeploy, you can automate this process without managing an automation service and also make use of deployment techniques and best practices. In this course, Deploying Code with AWS CodeDeploy, you’ll learn to create and manage the AWS CodeDeploy Service. First, you will learn how to manage AWS CodeDeploy access and permissions. Next, you explore how to tag and work with CodeDeploy Deployment Configurations, and how to monitor and troubleshoot AWS CodeDeploy Deployments. Finally, you will discover how to manage the AWS CodeDeploy Agent. When you are finished with this course, you’ll have the skills to use AWS CodeDeploy which will allow you to automate and monitor the required infrastructure to host your applications.

About the author

Hi Everyone! I am Josh, the Vice President of Engineering at Flare Network, and I have previously been the Head of DevOps. My professional background has seen me work in Tier 1 consultancies, start-ups, and also SME’s mainly in the UK GovCloud, Cloud Security, and blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. I currently focus on creating fully immutable highly secure cloud environments for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects! Feel free to reach out to me on twitter!

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