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Deploying Hadoop with Cloudera CDH to AWS

by Xavier Morera

Learn how to deploy, size, and scale Hadoop in the cloud (namely AWS). You'll understand key concepts to deploy a CDH cluster, perform a manual installation, and finally learn how to automate deployments for multiple clusters with Cloudera Director.

What you'll learn

Many years ago, hardware cost was pretty steep. It was not unexpected that a project with large amounts of data required 7 figures worth of hardware just to get started. But times have changed, and with cloud services it is possible now to store data cheaply and spin up as many servers with your desired specs to process this data with all kinds of available machines and get the answers that you need. In this course, Deploying Hadoop with Cloudera CDH to AWS, you will learn how to deploy Hadoop in the cloud. First you'll learn about some key topics. Then, you'll learn how to perform deployment manually. Finally, you'll learn about a specialized tool called Cloudera Director that helps automate deployments either for transient or for long running clusters. You will also learn about some differences between AWS and Azure/GCE. These differences can be important if you are working on a different platform, but by no means are they blockers for someone already familiar with their current platform. By the end of this course, you will be able to better manage your cloud needs.

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Cloudera Altus and Final Takeaway

About the author

Xavier is very passionate about teaching, helping others understand AI, Generative AI, search and Big Data. He is also an entrepreneur, project manager, technical author, trainer, and holds a few certifications with Cloudera, Microsoft, and the Scrum Alliance, along with having been awarted Microsoft MVP. He has spent a great deal of his career working on cutting-edge projects. Throughout multiple projects, he has acquired skills to deal with complex enterprise software solutions, working with c... more

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