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Architecting Highly Available Systems on AWS

by Richard Seroter

In this course, we see how to assemble many powerful AWS components into a resilient, highly available web application with no single point of failure.

What you'll learn

This course describes the techniques and best practices for composing highly available distributed systems on the AWS platform. Throughout the course, we build up a web application that takes advantage of AWS storage, databases, compute, messaging, DNS, and more.

Table of contents

About the author

Richard Seroter is currently the Chief Evangelist at Google Cloud and leads the Developer Relations program. He's also an instructor at Pluralsight, a frequent public speaker, the author of multiple books on software design and development, and a former editor plus former 12-time Microsoft MVP for cloud. As Chief Evangelist at Google Cloud, Richard leads the team of developer advocates, developer engineers, outbound product managers, and technical writers who ensure that people find, u... more

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