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Design and Build Tabular Models - DP-500

by Mihaela Danci

Data models are the core of data analysis in Power BI. This course will teach you how to create data models that help you author simpler DAX queries and better reports.

What you'll learn

Data modeling enables the advanced analytical capabilities required to provide meaningful insights, while reducing the complexity of DAX queries. In this course, Design and Build Tabular Models - DP-500, you’ll learn to solve business problems by leveraging the data modeling capabilities of Power BI. First, you’ll learn when to use Direct Query and external tools. Next, you’ll discover how to reduce the number of redundant measures by creating calculation groups. Finally, you’ll explore how to build composite models and implement security.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of data modeling needed to design and build robust data models while enforcing security.

About the author

As a data analyst enthusiast, Mihaela has special interests in translating vision into action using end-to-end data analysis. She is very passionate about teaching and resolving real-world business problems. Her greatest joy is learning new data exploration techniques and pushing the boundaries of data analytics. Mihaela has a bachelor’s degree in economic cybernetics and in her spare time she loves to travel and dance.

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