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Design Patterns Playbook: Structural Patterns

by Paolo Perrotta

Design Patterns are a priceless tool for professional developers. In this course, you'll learn the fastest way to understand four of the most advanced patterns: Adapter, Decorator, Proxy, and Composite.

What you'll learn

Design Patterns are a must-have in any developer's bag of tricks. The most useful patterns, however, are also the hardest to understand. Structural patterns, in particular, are both extremely useful and somewhat difficult to master. In this course, Design Patterns Playbook: Structural Patterns, you'll discover the ins and outs of four of the most advanced structural patterns to utilize in practice. First, you'll learn the structural patterns that tell apart the master programmer from the beginner. Next, you'll delve into understanding patterns through practical examples that use pictures and code together. Finally, you'll explore a brief overview of what Design Patterns are and why they are so useful. By the end of this course, you'll know how to wield Adapter, Decorator, Proxy, and Composite to make your code easier to understand and maintain.

About the author

Paolo Perrotta is the author of "Programming Machine Learning" and "Metaprogramming Ruby". He has hundreds of articles, conference speeches and training deliveries under his belt. He developed software in domains ranging from automotive to healthcare, large-scale web sites, and computer games.

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