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Design a Tech Logo That Stands Out

by Gary Simon

Truly unique and effective tech logos are difficult to create. This course is going to help you master the process of designing these technology based logos.

What you'll learn

How many tech logos have you come across that look the same? Perhaps you've seen some that use circuitry, electron particles, or even dissolving bitmaps. How do you stand out in an industry full of the same cliche logos? This course, Design a Tech Logo That Stands Out, will get you thinking creatively about designing not just tech logos, but logos for any project. First, you'll discover the core principles of effective tech logo design, tech trends to avoid, and logo dos vs. logo don'ts. Then, you'll learn how to visualize ideas through design, which will really help you create truly unique, relevant, and effective logos. Finally, you'll follow along through two fictional projects where you'll be challenged with brainstorming for concepts while adhering to unique project briefs. By the end of this course, you'll have a solid understanding of how to create your very own effective tech logos.

About the author

Gary Simon has worked exclusively as a freelance designer and design instructor for over 15 years. Having worked with a large clientele on many identity and web design projects, Gary has a solid understanding of many technologies and skills surrounding the design and development industry.

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