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Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks: Network Automation

by Leigh Bogardis

This course explains the building blocks of network automation so you can understand how it all fits together. The goal of the course is to inform your network design choices with this knowledge.

What you'll learn

Network automation has the possibility of changing everything you do in your network. In this course, Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks: Network Automation, you will learn the foundational knowledge necessary to design appropriate network automation technologies to automate your network. First, you will learn about YANG data modules. Next, you will discover which network automation technology is best for your network. Finally, you will explore how to deploy the best model driven telemetry technology. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of network automation needed to ensure the best design for your networks' automation needs.

About the author

Leigh cut his teeth on frame relay and ATM at the turn of the century, moved on to SDH and DWDM for the new millennium, returned to TCP/IP in 2008 and has enjoyed the opportunities offered him by various clients and companies. Currently focusing on network design and architecture, as well as virtualization and security.

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