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Developing Applications with AWS Lightsail

by Tom Compagno

This course will teach you how to best leverage the AWS Lightsail services to launch and manage useful virtual private servers quickly and cost-effectively.

What you'll learn

AWS Lightsail provides a straightforward approach to launching virtual private servers. In this course, Developing Applications with AWS Lightsail, you’ll learn to launch, connect, and scale preconfigured virtual private servers. First, you’ll explore creating and connecting to a Lightsail server. Next, you’ll discover ways to make Lightsail a production-ready service. Finally, you’ll learn how to scale and troubleshoot your new servers. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge about AWS Lightsail needed to efficiently build cost-effective applications that scale.

About the author

Tom has spent over 24 years across multiple industries building products and platforms including: banking, tele-communications, e-commerce, retail, and manufacturing. He has designed and built recommendation engines, consumer banking platforms, and mobile applications, as well as business and consumer facing e-commerce SaaS platforms. Recently he leveraged his technology background to build business, product, and IT strategies for companies like O.C Tanner, State Farm, and USAA Insurance. He is ... more

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