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Developing Canvas Apps with Power Apps (PL-400)

by Divyani Rajani

This course teaches you how to create and configure canvas apps with Microsoft Power Apps, create reusable components, troubleshoot issues, optimize performance, and help you prepare for the PL-400 certification exam!

What you'll learn

Today every business has grown and there is a need to build global, complex, and stable apps running continuously. Microsoft canvas apps are very intuitive and enable faster implementation of these complex enterprise apps. In this course, Developing Canvas Apps with Power Apps (PL-400), you’ll learn to build an end-to-end canvas app using Microsoft Power Apps. First, you’ll explore how to create and configure canvas apps. Next, you’ll discover complex formulas, reusable component libraries, and testing canvas apps. Finally, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot issues and optimize app performance. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of canvas apps needed to develop a low-code application for web or mobile.

About the author

Divyani Rajani is 6+ years experienced in Microsoft Power Platform technologies. She is certified in foundations of Microsoft Power Platforms. She is settled in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

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