Developing Digital Fluency

by Jillian Kaplan

As our world changes and technology evolves we find that teams are meeting from remote locations more often. This course will teach you how to effectively communicate virtually.

What you'll learn

Learning digital fluency is similar to learning how to speak any other new language. A team that can communicate digitally is much more effective and allows for greater flexibility. In this course, Developing Digital Fluency, you’ll learn to effectively communicate with virtual teams in the current worldly landscape. First, you’ll explore digital fluency and a virtual work environment. Next, you’ll discover how to communicate and collaborate with technology. Finally, you’ll learn how to choose and use virtual communication tools. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of digital fluency needed to work effectively in a remote environment.

About the author

Jillian Kaplan joined Dell Technologies in 2018 and currently leads 5G and Telecom Thought Leadership. In this role her team has global responsibility for ensuring the Telecoms and CSPs can monetize their investments in 5G through future Enterprise use cases. Prior to Dell Technologies, Jillian spent 14 years at Verizon. She joined as a Central Office Network Engineer during the launch of FTTP (FiOS). FTTP was a complete network overhaul from copper to fiber. She managed over a billion dollars i... more

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