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Developing Personalized Emails in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

by Shane Smyth

This course will teach you the basics of email personalization using AMPscript in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

What you'll learn

Personalized emails enable you to move from mass marketing to one-to-one communication. This allows your customers to receive the content they want, when they want it.

In this course, Developing Personalized Emails in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you’ll learn how to set up personalized emails using AMPscript.

First, you’ll explore the basics of emails in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and how the components add up to make a templated email.

Next, you’ll discover exactly what data it takes to embark on sending personalized emails.

Finally, you’ll learn how to build personalization using AMPscript and get into the nuts and bolts of what’s possible in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to use AMPscript for building and testing personalized emails in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

About the author

Shane Smyth has been in the Salesforce ecosystem for several years as an expert in the marketing space, specifically in regards to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. Through years of being a Salesforce consultant across several industries, Shane has experience in taking a company to true personalized communication with customers using Salesforce's technology.

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