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Developing Packages in Flutter

by Miguel Beltran

One way to step up as a Flutter developer and contribute to the developer community is by creating and publishing your own packages and plugins. This course will teach you how to use, create, and publish packages and plugins for Flutter and Dart.

What you'll learn

Flutter packages are an essential part of the ecosystem. They provide functionality that the framework lacks and allow developers to share their solutions, however, this task can seem overwhelming for new Flutter developers. In this course, Developing Packages in Flutter, you’ll learn to use, create, and publish packages and plugins for Flutter. First, you’ll explore how to use existing packages on Next, you’ll discover how to create packages from scratch, including plugin packages with native platform functionality. Finally, you’ll learn how to publish new packages to to be used by other developers. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of package development in Flutter needed to use, create, and publish Flutter packages.

About the author

Miguel is a Freelance Android developer based in Berlin. He is passionate about mobile app development and machine learning, but most importantly, he is passionate about teaching and learning. Miguel has been working as a developer for more than ten years, and got into Android in 2012 when he started building video player SDKs for streaming apps. Miguel is also an active member of the tech community in Berlin, where he has conducted workshops and talks. He helps running a local meetup group w... more

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