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Developing Websites for Accessibility: Getting Started

by Brian Treese

Learn how those with disabilities access and use the web, how to test and evaluate accessibility, design considerations, how to build accessible forms, and how to provide accessibility to images and other media in this hands-on course.

What you'll learn

The web is designed to work for all people regardless of ability or disability, but accessibility for those with special needs is often overlooked in both the design and development processes. In this course, Developing Websites for Accessibility: Getting Started, you will gain foundational knowledge of common accessibility issues and how you can address them. First, you will learn how those with various disabilities access and use the web. Next, you will explore the WCAG guidelines and discover the ways in which you can meet them. Then, you will discover how to better design and code for those facing these issues. Finally, you will see how to make forms and media more accessible. When you are finished with this course, you will have a solid foundation to begin creating solutions that work, not just for those without disabilities and impairments, but for everyone.

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About the author

Brian Treese is the Chief of UX at SoCreate, a company building a fun and easy way to turn great ideas into movie & TV show scripts. Technically a Web Designer (he's always loved the aesthetic side of the web), but his expertise does not stop at Photoshop and Illustrator. He's been building websites for over a decade using technologies such as HTML, CSS, SASS, SVG, JavaScript, Angular, jQuery, ASP.Net, PHP, and more. While he very much enjoys building things, he also loves to learn and he finds ... more

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