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Architecting Device-Driven Web Solutions

by Dino Esposito

This course guides you through the long and winding road of building web frontends that can be comfortably displayed and enjoyed on a variety of devices. The course lists core issues you must be ready to face and explores a range of solutions at different levels of cost and effort.

What you'll learn

Gone are the days when one could write a site for a single family of devices — mostly desktop browsers. Today, desktop browsers are just one type of device to be concerned about. A multi-device website is critical for any type and size of business. Even more critical for any business is avoiding poor-quality websites that don't distinguish the underlying devices, whether they be smart phones, tablets, mini-tablets, smart TVs, wearable devices, or whatever else the industry may produce. This course explores the pros and cons of Responsive Web Design - using CSS media queries - and a much more sophisticated and powerful server-side approach based on WURFL, the same technology used by Facebook and Google. Through WURFL, you can gain knowledge about the effective capabilities of the device, and can implement appropriate use-cases for different classes of mobile and legacy devices.

About the author

After 20+ books (mostly with Microsoft Press) that educated two generations of .NET and web developers, 1000+ articles, hundreds of conference talks and 10000+ hours of training, Dino returned to pure and pragmatic software development and architecture. As the CTO of Crionet, Dino is the brains behind the software platforms that support 24x7, end-to-end operations in the circuits of professional tennis and padel tournaments and move data from on-court tablets up to betting web sites. Dino is al... more

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