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SignalR: Real-time for All the Things

by DEVintersection

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You may know a bit about SignalR from its upbringing as the real-time framework for .NET. While still true in that SignalR for .NET Core is a thing now, SignalR has evolved and is no longer “just for .NET developers.” With the new Azure SignalR Service providing a common back-end for any real-time app needs you have, you can use the various client SDKs now available for SignalR – JavaScript and Java, to name a few – without any .NET Code. In addition, there is a multitude of support for new serverless opportunities you can tap into with SignalR, like the new SignalR bindings for Azure Functions. With other advanced capabilities in SignalR like non-JSON payload support and streaming, it’s never been a better time to do real-time than right now. In this demo-heavy, interactive session you’ll be up and running with SignalR in new and more exciting ways.

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SignalR: Real-time for All the Things

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