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Kubernetes, GitHub, and DevOps

by Microsoft Azure + AI Conference

Don't miss the upcoming Microsoft Azure + AI event on December 8-10, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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By itself, Kubernetes is not necessarily a developer-friendly platform. Building, deploying, and testing microservice-oriented applications can involve a lot of manual work and copious amounts of YAML. Thankfully, Azure has the tools you need to make Kubernetes approachable and productive for developers. In this session, John Stallo and Nicholas Greenfield will cover how you can use tools like Azure Dev Spaces to swiftly onboard developers onto complex applications, and how to rapidly iterate and test applications with dozens or hundreds of microservices. John and Nicholas will also cover how to use Azure Pipelines to increase confidence in code rollouts by testing GitHub pull requests in the context of the broader application running in Azure Kubernetes Service.

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Kubernetes, GitHub, and DevOps

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Artificial Intelligence is more than the hot new buzz word – it’s the future of software. Microsoft is positioned to be the key player in AI providing services through the Azure platform. The Microsoft Azure + AI Conference brings together the best and brightest from Microsoft and the broader cloud and AI industry in the late fall of 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Azure is becoming a key competitive advantage for all sizes of businesses, and your customers are keen to get on board the cloud train. Wh... more

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