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Build Fast, Data Driven Mobile UI with Xamarin.Forms 4.0 and Visual Studio 2019

by DEVintersection

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What you'll learn

Xamarin.Forms 4.0 and Visual Studio 2019 introduce new features for enhanced developer productivity, polished and consistent mobile experience, and performant collection display. In Visual Studio, quickly get up and running with Xamarin.Forms, build and deploy your code to multiple platforms, and rapidly iterate on your app using powerful C# and XAML tools. Use Xamarin.Forms Shell to easily configure your mobile application structure that produces navigation to meet your needs, powerful navigation routing, and memory conscious data templates. The new collection view control displays large amounts of data effortlessly in a variety of layouts out-of-the-box, and even supports custom layouts. In this session, Maddy Leger will explore these brand new capabilities, and the rest of what makes Xamarin.Forms 4.0 and Visual Studio 2019 the new standard for making amazing cross-platform mobile applications.

Table of contents

Build Fast, Data Driven Mobile UI with Xamarin.Forms 4.0 and Visual Studio 2019

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