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Stunning Mobile Apps with the Xamarin Visual Design System

by DEVintersection

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What you'll learn

Xamarin.Forms excels at quickly producing cross-platform mobile experiences that look and feel at home on the host platforms. But how do you make sure your app experience is also consistent with your brand experience? Now, with Xamarin.Forms Visual you can adopt a singular look and feel across your native applications, and even share that experience across multiple applications. Whether you want Material Design everywhere, or you want to craft your own, in this session you'll learn how to build a Visual implementation, consume it in your app(s), and distribute it. Visual is the next step forward in creating beautiful, native UI with Xamarin. To top it off, Maddy Leger will look at the next generation of productivity tools for Xamarin developers to help them create stunning apps.

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Stunning Mobile Apps with the Xamarin Visual Design System

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