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What Is DevOps: Executive Briefing

by Wes Higbee

A brief introduction to adopting beneficial principles behind what people mean by DevOps.

What you'll learn

DevOps may not mean the same thing to everyone you ask but there are a set of principles that can be distilled. In this course, What Is DevOps: Executive Briefing, you will be briefly introduced to coalescing development and operations. Next, you will explore thinking beyond just DevOps. Then, you'll see the benefits of a one at a time management approach and automating wisely. Finally, you will discover how you can apply these principles to iteratively improve the way you work. By the end of this course, you will gain a larger understanding of how DevOps plays a role in your organization.

About the author

Wes Higbee is passionate about helping companies achieve remarkable results with technology and software. He’s had extensive experience developing software and working with teams to improve how software is developed to meet business objectives. Wes launched Full City Tech to leverage his expertise to help companies delight customers. Although his primary focus is on outcomes, implementation often includes technical competency. Wes frequently speaks about impactful aspects of software developm... more

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