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Creating Digital Humans 1: Volume and Muscle

by Justin Marshall

Learn organic modeling techniques and a production workflow to creating clean topology and establishing anatomical volume and muscle to create a realistic human from reference. Software required: Maya 8.5 or higher.

What you'll learn

Contains over 5 hours of project-based training for artists learning the technical and artistic processes of creating digital doubles. Popular highlights include: Polygon Modeling; Subdivisional Modeling; Anatomical Structure; Anatomy Concepts; Primitive Modeling; Blocking-in Form; Establishing Volume; Organizing Topology; Creating Edge Flow; Adding Muscle Definition; Evaluating Proportions; Modeling to Reference; Re-routing Edge Loops; Strategic Use of Edge Loops; Connecting Geometry. Software required: Maya 8.5 or higher.

Table of contents

Introduction and Project Overview
Creating Digital Humans 1: Volume and Muscle

About the author

Justin thrives as a lead modeling author at Pluralsight. Growing up, Justin found a deep interest for the computer graphics industry after watching movies like Jurassic Park, Toy Story, and The Abyss. His ambition would lead him to work at Sony Imageworks in Los Angeles on movies like Monster House and Surf's Up. Justin has also had numerous articles, tutorials, and images published in 3D World and 3D Artist. As an author, Justin enjoys collaborating with fellow authors, especially on project... more

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