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Dimensional Modeling on the Microsoft SQL Server Platform

by Christopher Smith

This course teaches you how to use Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Integration Services to design and efficiently load data to your data warehouse. You'll also learn techniques for troubleshooting performance bottlenecks in your ETL.

What you'll learn

A properly designed dimensional model is essential to delivering large volumes of data in a fast and easily understood manner. In this course, Dimensional Modeling on the Microsoft SQL Server Platform, you'll learn how to design and efficiently load dimensions, facts, and bridge tables on the Microsoft SQL Server platform. First, you’ll learn about type 1, 2, and 3 slowly changing dimensions and several methods for loading data into these dimensions. Then, you’ll discover how to use SSIS to load data into fact tables along with several options to process data incrementally, including 2 built-in Microsoft technologies: Change Data Capture and Change Tracking. Finally, you'll explore modeling techniques to handle many-to-many relationships. When you’re finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to design a proper dimensional model and load data efficiently using the Microsoft SQL Server platform.

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About the author

Christopher is a Business Intelligence Engineer at Strategic Healthcare Programs, a data analytics and benchmarking company in the healthcare industry. He’s worked in BI for over 10 years, focusing primarily on SQL Server’s BI stack. Over the course of his career he’s worked on data warehousing solutions in the banking, auto insurance, and healthcare industries. He is a proud alumnus of Bentley University, where he holds an MBA with concentrations in Information Technology and Quantitative Metho... more

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