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Displaying Tables with Excel

by Ben Howard

This course explores Excel Tables, explaining how to turn them to your advantage to quickly gain insights into data. The course discusses what tables are, why you should use them, how to set them up, and then how to manipulate the data in them.

What you'll learn

Learning how to effectively communicate and display data in Excel is challenging. In this course, Displaying Tables with Excel, you will gain the ability to find insightful information regarding your data stored in Excel. First, you will learn what tables are and when to use them. Next, you will discover how to create tables and format them. Finally, you will explore how to manipulate the table data to provide meaningful insights and answer all those difficult data related questions that your co-workers and managers keep asking! When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to use Excel Tables in order to correctly analyse your Excel data.

About the author

Ben is a Power BI & Data Specialist with a healthy interest in Microsoft BI and planning tools. He has over 30 years of customer and implementation experience, has been a Microsoft MVP for 14 years, is a frequent speaker at several European conferences, and blogs and creates videos on a semi-regular basis. He is actively engaged in providing consultancy to UK FTSE companies, and co-runs the Manchester Power BI User Group.

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