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Secure Coding in Django 4

by Sangeeta Singh

This course will teach you how to use and implement the OWASP ASVS standards to write code that’s secure against malicious attacks.

What you'll learn

Django provides a great number of functionalities that can help you keep the application and its data safe and secure. In this course, Secure Coding in Django 4, you’ll learn to write a secure application in Django that keeps the sensitive data safe and is resilient to attacks. First, you’ll explore how to properly handle authentication of users and authorization to resources. Next, you’ll discover how to sanitize and manage user input and output over TLS. Finally, you’ll learn how to harden your app by doing all the right configurations and checks to protect it from malicious code. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Django and OWASP ASVS principles needed to develop an application that ensures the privacy of the users and keeps their data away from harm.

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About the author

Sangeeta is a senior backend engineer with over 8 years of experience in developing highly scalable software, some of which are used by millions of users and many of the fortune 500 companies. She has worked with all sort of technology and softwares, ranging from systems programming for mission critical softwares at the RnD division of HPE, to predictive network analysis for a network at Packet Design, then leading development of critical components of Cloud backup softwares at Druva and now del... more

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