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Django Admin

by Elias Fofanov

This course will teach you how to use Django Admin, one of the most powerful Django components that enables a handy way of managing your site. You'll learn how to fully customize Admin's look and behavior through Views, Templates and Actions.

What you'll learn

Any Django site consists of many models that represent data you show to the end users. If there is a need to provide a way of managing that data using a handy user interface, then you should consider relying on Django's built-in Admin component. In this course, Django Admin, you’ll learn how to harness the power of Django's Admin simplifying data management for users without programming skills. First, you’ll explore the basics of Django Admin: create a super user both manually and programmatically, use the default Admin’s interface, get acquainted with the most important features, and you'll add models by registering them. Next you’ll customize the look of the registered models without using templates. Finally, you’ll learn how to add custom validation of models and generate the documentation. By the end of this course, you'll have in-depth knowledge of Django Admin and be able to customize it's look and behavior.

About the author

Elias began his career as a postgraduate student participating in the Microsoft ImagineCup contest. He has been working with the .NET platform since 2003. Elias has been professionally architecting and implementing software for nearly 7 years, primarily based on the .NET platform. He is passionate about building rich and powerful applications using modern technologies. Elias is a certified specialist in Windows Applications and Service Communication Applications by Microsoft and he is a former c... more

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