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Web Development with Django and AngularJS

by Reindert-Jan Ekker

Learn how to create a web application using Django and AngularJS. Django and AngularJS are both very popular frameworks for web development.

What you'll learn

Take a journey to learn full-slack web development in this course. In this course, Web Development with Django and AngularJS, you'll learn how to get the best of both worlds with web development in Django and AngularJS. We will use the power of AngularJS to create a rich interactive user experience, and the awesomeness that is Django to write our server-side code, including REST and persistence to a database. First, you'll discover how to create a basic web application with Django. Next, you'll explore using AngularJS to add an interactive front-end. Finally, you'll learn how to use REST and AJAX to pass data between the front-end JavaScript and back-end Python code. By the end of this course, you'll know the basics of both Django and AngularJS, and how to combine them to create a fully interactive web application.

Table of contents

Course Overview

Course FAQ

What are Django and Angular used for?

AngularJS is the most popular JavaScript framework for developing rich user interfaces for web apps on the client side, and Django is the most popular Python framework for developing the server side of those apps.

Who is this course for?

This course should be understandable whether you're an Angular developer that's new to Django or a Django web development veteran that will be taking his first steps with Angular, or even if you're new to both.

What will I learn in this course?

We will build a basic web app with Django and Angular with an interactive front end, and using REST and AJAX to pass data between the front end JavaScript and back end Python.

What prerequisites do I need?

You should have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, and you should be familiar with JavaScript functions and objects.

What version is required?

This course will be using the latest version of Angular 1 and Django 1.9.

About the author

After years of working in software development, Reindert-Jan Ekker switched to teaching programmers in 2010 and never looked back. He authors Pluralsight courses and teaches classes about Python, data science, devops (among others). Even though he squeezes some development jobs in here and there, teaching is his real passion and he is looking forward to share this passion with you.

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