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Django 3 Forms and ModelForms

by Sangeeta Singh

This course will enable you to create snappy and beautiful forms for a website. You will be able to tie up forms directly with the database models, customize them, do data sanity checks, save back to the database, and keep the information secure.

What you'll learn

Creating forms can be a lot of effort and pain dealing with HTML and database connections. This course, Django 3 Forms and ModelForms, will help you create and render snappy, intuitive, and beautiful forms for a website, be it login forms, placing orders, entering survey details or writing blog posts and comments. First, you’ll explore modelForms, which essentially allow you to create forms from a pre-existing model. This will enable you to gather information from users, validate it, and send it back to your web application. Next, you’ll get introduced to an advanced way of rendering forms; using formsets, widgets, and templates and be able to customize them according to your needs. Features like Crispy forms will go a long way in making that form engaging and easy on the eyes. Finally, you’ll learn multiple ways to make the forms secure with Django’s easy-to-use protection against CSRF attacks from a malicious site to your server. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Django’s ModelForms and all of their intricacies needed to create a useful, convenient, and secure way of creating information collecting forms.

About the author

Sangeeta is a senior backend engineer with over 8 years of experience in developing highly scalable software, some of which are used by millions of users and many of the fortune 500 companies. She has worked with all sort of technology and softwares, ranging from systems programming for mission critical softwares at the RnD division of HPE, to predictive network analysis for a network at Packet Design, then leading development of critical components of Cloud backup softwares at Druva and now del... more

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